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Approaching or in Retirement

Approaching or Living in Retirement

Approaching or Living in Retirement

You have worked hard to get where you are, now it is time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. At Our House Wealth Advisors, we believe that having a solid retirement plan sets you up for long-term success and we want to be right there with you 

We Offer you aeffective ways to plan and manage your retirement. Please inquire about pricing options.

Personal financial planning website 

 Set Specific Financial Goals, Both Short-term and Long-term 

 Investment Management 

  • Risk tolerance 
  • Savings and investing plan 
  • Retirement Income Plan 
  • Tax loss harvesting 

 Social Security Maximization 

 Tax Planning** 

 Pension Planning and Income Replacement Options 


  • Medicare and supplemental insurance 
  • Long-term Care Options and Planning 

 Estate Planning and Gifting Strategies** 

 Downsizing, Moving and Snow Birding 

 Quarterly Check-ins and Annual Plan Adjustments 


      Your Journey to Retirement Freedom Starts Today! 


No minimum investment if on a subscription plan

**Trust work and tax preparation is an additional charge