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Robin Stacey House, CCFS

Robin Stacey House, CCFS

Founder, Lead Advisor, Portfolio Manager


After years of working for other people in financial services, Robin
turned her obsessive compulsion to plan into her own business. In 2017,
she took her amassed experience and knowledge and created Our
House Wealth Advisors, a full-service wealth management firm.
Her mission: Simple; start with the end in mind and work backwards to
achieve desired results. After all, no one plans to fail, they only fail to

Robin started her financial services career in 1997 as a sales assistant to
a financial planner. Within a year she went on to work as an institutional
account manager for a global economics research firm, helping
companies worldwide navigate their institutional portfolios. After years
of business travel, Robin transitioned her focus to helping financial
advisors better serve their clients, working for one of the largest
insurance companies in the world. In 2011, Robin moved to the
Chicago area and became a financial advisor, a role which she has
continued in ever since.

Coming full circle, Robin spends most of her days meeting and
planning with her clients. Creating generational wealth and serving
families is what Our House Wealth is all about. Our clients, both small
and large are an extension of our family, and our mission is to help
them succeed.

Robin works with a growing team of people, including her husband,
Tony Michalek, who also moonlights as an NFL referee. When not at the
office or at a game, Robin and Tony like to travel, experience new
things and most of all eat! A card-carrying foodie, Robin hails from
Montreal, Canada and has a weakness for French food. They have 4
kids ranging in age from 32 – 20. They live in Palos Park, IL and Florida with their
dog and cat.