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College Choice Planning

Every child is different

Every child is different

Do you have a high school student struggling to find their way in the complicated college landscape?

Is your child trying to get noticed by athletic recruiters?

Are you worried about the rising cost of college?

We can help!

Our Unique Approach

With so many colleges to choose from, students and parents can feel overwhelmed. As a Mom of four very different kids, I can certainly relate! Our mission is to help families make the right choice for the right reasons, and give your kids the best chance to achieve their college dreams.

We will identify the options for your child based on a set of proprietary criteria. Cost, size, distance as well as educational fit are all considered.

When it comes to the financing, we will help with funding plans, FAFSA information, potential scholarships, and overall ways to cut college costs.

Most importantly, we work with your child to actively engage them in the decision making process. We outline the financial impact of their choice, and help them plan for the eventual loan repayment.

Starting as early as Freshman year, we will outline goals and objectives to meet, both while in high school and through their college years.

Have an athlete? No problem! We have extensive experience in athletic recruiting, and the consistently changing rules.

Call or email today for plan and pricing options.

Our Services

Student Services:

• Individual Student Assessment
• Interest Assessment Analysis
• Advanced Search of Careers, Majors & Studies based on Specific Student Interests
• Innovative College Search Based on Demographics and Personalized Areas of Importance
• SAT and ACT Prep through Method Test Prep Personalized online SAT and ACT test prep solutions to help students score at their highest potential.
• Personalized Private Student Interview with a Professional College Counselor
• Written Feedback Provided to the Parent and Student(s)
• Recommendations for the Student
• Mentor for the College Process (Q&A, Guidance on the process, interview prep, campus visit prep, etc.)
• Professional Admission Guidance-
• Admission Application Review and Assistance
• Admission Essay Review and Recommendations
• Personalized Scholarship Search of Scholarships to apply for; Scholarship Support from our Scholarship Team

College Funding Strategies

• Calculated Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
•  Provide Planning Recommendations on how to Reduce EFC
• Provide Affordability Assessment for the Schools of your Choice and Recommend Additional schools to be Considered
• Analyze your Financial Situation
• Make Recommendations to pay your EFC on a tax-favored basis
• Provide Complete Financial Overview on College, Taxes, Cash Flow, Retirement and develop a Plan to Improve Each Area

Financial Aid Data Gathering and Completion

• FAFSA Completion and Submission
• CSS Profile Completion and Submission
• Guidance and support throughout the Financial Aid process
• Confirm the Accuracy of the Student Aid Report (SAR)
• Make any necessary Adjustments to FAFSA
• Complete any Additional Forms Required by the Individual Schools – if applicable
• Professional evaluation of your Award Letters to make sure the Offers are FAIR
• Aid Maximization (Evaluate Award Letters, Appeal/Negotiate when award is not best case)
• Loan Manual and Guidance